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Eared Hats Gallery

Comfortable Crochet Jewelry

Marilyn Mack Designs

Highlighted in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine, February 2009.

Incredible jewelry designs
by my cousin Marilyn
(I'm wearing her work above.)


Tapestry Crochet

Various Hat Designs

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Miniature Crochet

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When it comes to the yarns my designs are sculpted with, I specialize in eclectic as well as SOFT fibers.

My designs incorporate more than simply style. They're multi-dimensional experiences, rich with delectable sensations to the touch.

Customers often declare, "I just want to pet my face with it all day!"  Sure, it might sound a little silly.  But truly, some of my best work is like the finest chocolate indulgence for skin!

I also utilize a variety of high quality custom made crochet hooks and tools in my craft, especially from GrayDog & DayStar, though I have many more.

Despite the expense, custom wood hooks - hands down - provide absolutely much better results!

Jenifer is the artist and graphic designer behind Lucy Blue Studio in Austin, TX. 
She is Queen of Cool Belt Buckles!  As well as funky jewelry like the sterling silver skull necklace she's sporting here.  You'll find her in the photo

 below, on a fine winter day, wearing her custom hat from fibers she picked right out of my stash herself.


J.J. Grigar III
of The Fossils, a great "good 'ol rock 'n roll" band from Lockhart, TX had Pixe Worx! design a custom crocheted Guitar Strap for him!
How Cool is That!

Worx by Jessie-Kat




Dena and Chuck from Houston, TX were in Austin for a weekend get-away when they found The Artist's Market and Pixie Worx! Three hats and 24 hours later Dena is sporting her custom made squiggle hat, super soft black with rainbow influences! 

Many fiber artists pick a charity they like to donate their work to.  With so many cancer survivors and victims in my family, I have chosen to donate fun hats to kids going through chemo and other treatments for cancer.
I am currently trying to make this effort into a real non-profit endeavor. If you would like to help me, or would like to sponsor a hat for a child, please let me know!

I believe in owning something special and different.  Something outside the malls and department stores.  Something of quality and uniqueness you often only find once in a lifetime.
Those are the things that memories are made of.  Those are the things I'll be proud to pass on.

About the Artist:
My crochet tutelage began at the age of 5, with my left-handed Mom and two crafting gurus as grandmothers for guides.
I was immediately enraptured by the hook, and crochet has been with me ever since.  All my crochet work is designed by me - often without even knowing for sure what I'll make until the yarns are in hand.
But in spite of the spontaneous, wild and quirky designs, some things remain the same; Depth, Texture and Substance.  These are characteristics that remain solid in my crochet work.


  If you've read this far into my webpage, then you've probably figured out that my website is a work in progress!  If you have questions, email me at:
Worx @PixieWorx.net!

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